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Stunning South Coast

mumof2_sea, south coast, mumof2We took off for a couple of days and headed down to the Dorset (Englands south coast) and were completely blown away by the stunning sights to see!


mumof2 handle with careThe boys were armed with cushions and sunglasses (apparently these are a must for any journey according to them – not that they needed to sleep as it was only 3 hours from home – I would agree with them on the sunglasses front)


We had a lovely time exploring the Jurassic coast and stopped on many occasions just to take in the views. The boys seemed to have no problem with this and at one stage were happy for us to all sit at a viewing site for an hour whilst eating our ice-cream.

Such special times and that is why this is my #magicmoment for this week



Sunny days


Water Fun



It’s amazing what a bit of warm sunshine can do and in our house …it means one thing…water fights with the hosepipe!!! (Sadly – we couldn’t do this much last year with the hosepipe ban)


Waterfight...here we come!
Waterfight…here we come!

This week’s magic moment is a short one – which says a lot as it means we were having so much fun enjoying the sun.





When will it be Spring?

Waterfight...here we come!
Waterfight…here we come!

Just when we thought we may be able to call March 2013 spring….nope – we get side swiped with below zero temperatures and some snow and wind thrown in there to boot!

I usually love the snow but am now so over it – I have decided to start focusing on what Summer may bring. A spot of evening picnics, perhaps a water fight or 2 (there is no way they can put a hosepipe ban on us after the summer and winter we have had!) oh and some lovely warm sunshine!

The lighter mornings are certainly making a difference, so I can be thankful for that! Today I ventured out in the wind and snow to meet a friend for a dog walk and it took hours to get warm.

So…bring on Summer I say!!!