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sunny days

Sunny days and school holidays!

sunny days

Sunny days

Finally! Finally! If anyone has been following on my Facebook page (cough **click and like if you aren’t**) or Twitter feed…I have been counting down to the day school broke up for school holidays so that we can enjoy the sunny days that summer has to offer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love school days too as they bring a whole host of different things to enjoy. But, some of the reasons I love having the boys about during holidays include :

    1. Not having to rush about in the mornings
    2. Waking up and deciding what we would like to do for the day
    3. Pyjama / duvet days as a result of a decision in #2!
    4. Discovering new places to enjoy and returning to old spots that we love
    5. but mainly just being

So, with this in mind, we have hit the holidays with a bang and then next week, we’re planning on just relaxing and letting our bodies and minds play catch up. The weather has been absolutely magical with extra sunny days to boot. So we headed off to the Suffolk coast and enjoyed all that Southwold beach and harbour had to offer for a day trip (about a 2 hour drive for us). The boys had a whale of a time building sandcastles, throwing pebbles back in to the sea and most of all jumping in the waves and swimming in the sea whilst enjoying the sunshine. We then sauntered on along the harbour and scared the seagulls (sorry gulls!), played in the mud and devoured an ice-cream or 2 before heading back to the beach and cooling down with another bout of wave jumping. It was sadly, time to leave and the boys and I headed back home. I am pretty sure we’ll be back for our next seaside fix if we have more sunny days. Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall