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tea, exotic tea, exotic teapot, mumof2, review

Review : Tea from the Exotic Teapot

tea, exotic tea, exotic teapot, mumof2, review

Tea that packs a punch!

Tea comes in all shapes and forms. Me, I usually go back to my good ol favourite English Breakfast Tea with milk and a sugar.  I have been known to use Green Tea when studying as it keeps me awake all day. Weird, yes but it does the trick.

When the bunch over at The Exotic Teapot suggested I try their Gourmet Tea Bags, I had a think and reckoned that my English Breakfast Tea won’t mind too much if I left it in the cupboard for a bit.

Well…I think it should have minded…a lot! I had a beautiful Steeples Tin delivered that contained 15 silk teabags, each with a different type of tea. What I noticed most, was that the mix of the various tea aromas was the first to hit my senses. So far, the gourmet part was living up to its name and I couldn’t decide which one to go for first.

I then spotted the Rooibos (said Roy-bos or Redbush in English) and,  as I had grown up in South Africa and on Rooibos tea, I reckoned that it would be the best one to start off on. The South Africans are quite protective about it if I am honest.

tea, mumof2, rooibos, review


Exotic Teapot’s Rooibos Tea

It was out of this world. Fact. From the colour of the tea leaves and the infusion of flavour, I have to say, it’s the best Rooibos I have ever had. The little pyramid shaped silk bags pack the flavour and maintain the colour and aroma.

So, if you’re looking for a nifty gift for someone or are a tea lover yourself, head over and check the other products that The Exotic Teapot have to offer. They are a small independent company who design products to provoke a wow! and enhance the tea experience. I can say that they managed a wow! from me!

I am now off to decide if I would like the Raspberry Fruit Infusion or the Rooibos Gingerbread Orange…decisions decisions!

tea, mumof2, review




** I have been provided with this product by The Exotic Teapot. My review is an honest opinion of this product **